Friday, March 07, 2008


Wickedness increasing

From time to time business places in Kingstown have had bomb scares. Thankfully, all of them have thus far proven to be false. Yesterday, the bomb scare phenomenon sank to an all time low when patients and staff of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital had to be hurriedly evacuated.

The scenes at the Victoria Park where the patients were taken were heartrending. Weeping relatives trying to find their loved ones, Children with IV lines cradled in their parents arms, dazed looking patients with oxygen masks, some writhng in obvious pain as they sat or lay in the stands. If the person/s behind this wanted to make a statement they surely succeeded. However, that must be one sick bastard to even contemplate disrupting an institution like the hospital,

Is it that we are so depraved that we now get our kicks from human suffering? Obviously, that creature didn't care about the persons in the Operating theatre, the ICU, those in labour, and the ones who just had major surgery. Sometimes, I swear I can't recognise my country. Outwardly, the place is as pretty as any picture but it is becoming increasingly rotten from the core. I don't care whether or not it was some person/s who had a grouse against the hospital or whether it is symptomatic of the general attitude of the population as some are saying. There just has to be a better way of resolving situations. Creating instability helps no one and the Hospital is just off limits for sick stunts.

Well said! I am in total agreement with you on this position.Hopefully,the perpetrator of this cowardly act will be caught and brought to justice post haste.RESPECT!!
Hey, to flip the words of the famously tragic prince of Denmark, something rotten in the state of Hairouna. Things fell apart since 2001 and end was and still is at hand. I hope though that the police can use the technology at their disposal and catch the idiot. Home of the Blessed indeed.
thats just horrible
I just hope there was a way to catch those bastards and publicly flog them!
That's terrible. I always wonder how some people can have so little consideration for others. It blows my mind...
Hey I'm all for sick jokes, but a hospital? That's just going too far.
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