Monday, March 17, 2008


Here we go again

According to a newcast tonight on SVG TV, another politician is facing charges of indecent assault. Before the item was even finished my phone was ringing off the hook as we all tried to figure out who the accused was. So many names, so many rumours, so many possibilities-some scarier than the others.

I am feeling a bit of annoyance with this latest news. It wasn't too long ago that charges of rape and indecent assault filed against the Prime Minister were dismissed. Who knew that yet another lawmaker was going to be in the news before the dust had even settled. Never a dull moment,I tell you.

Anyway, my boys don't have too much to worry about. This is not the America of the Spitzers, Clintons et al so there is no impeachment, or whatever our equivalent is to worry about. Even though some will ask for heads to roll it will be business as usual because in the end it will boil down to nine days talk. Maybe,they would be better off if they did a Spitzer and paid then all parties would be happy. If 10 years down the line a committee finds out that government funds were used to pay the bill it's still no worries. We would pretend to do an enquiry but as usual nothing would come out of it,jsut more nine days talk.

didnt you mention something about svg being the rape capital of the caribbean? maybe the politicians just getting in on the act.

pretty disturbing thought actually.
Looks like Spitzer has some competition.
whew do any of these men keep it in their pants anymore???
What the politicians in SVG going one with! A suh them horny! As Jdid said, it is disturbing though, truth or not.
Nine days talk in truth. Apart from being ranked 3rd in the world for reported rape cases, Vincy is probably the MOST apathetic nation. Talk and vent then ... nothing. Well except for the road block revolution of 2000, and look what that got us. Something drastic will have to happen for justice for women especially. Too many of them men use their positions to exploit women and we judicial system is pure rubbish, too easily manipulated. With rue ...
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