Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A great reality moment

I missed last night's episode of Flava Flav but CaliJ told me that Shy went home. If I were Shy I don't think I would have even had the nerve to show my face this week. Last week, I watched in shock and horror as Flava pointed out to Shy that her breath stinks to high heaven. Amazingly, Miss Shy didn't even have the grace to look embarrassed but stood there quite pleased to get her clock. In fact, Miss Shy was celebrating that her hot breath self got a clock so all was well with the world.

I have to wonder how much money these women are paid to make asses of themselves on national tv. I think am even more surprised that every season there is a willing bunch ready to be humiliated. Who knew that people were so desperate for a little piece of fame/notoriety? But then again that is part of what makes Flav such a compelling watch.

Shy must be praying her agent lands her a breathmint ad. That way she could definitely have the last laugh. Much as I enjoy Flava Flav's show I hope this is the final season so please please let him find love:)

Hehe, never heard of this show. Sounds interesting though.
Hey what can I say. Money makes people do crazy things. I can't figure why you like these shows. I can't last five minutes into one of them.
lol,leon I've given up trying to fidure out why I like the show.The thing disgusts and amuses me the same time...I need help
love? the man trying to find money!
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