Thursday, March 27, 2008


Gonsalves again

It's official. CMC news has confirmed that PM Gonsalves is the politician who is facing charges of indecent assault. Apparently, he is due to appear at the Family Court on April 14th. I can just imagine the throngs of supporters and sprinklings of nonsupporters come April 14th if the PM really shows up to court. Word on the street is that there are several more charges to be filed which means the country will be having quite the ride.

Once again, more publicity that this island could really do without. I am so fed up that there really isn't much more to say. Hopefully, we will learn whether this is the witchhunt of witchhunts. Meantime, views in the court of public opinion remain as divided as ever.

Ah, the plot thickens.
if it was the US he woulda been asked to resign already.

this look real bad on a PM
Oh boy. Another politician in trouble. Just the same old same old for us Jamaicans.
Another political scandal!
Oh man... that's never good.
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