Thursday, March 20, 2008


Easter strike

It's the night before Good Friday and visions of chicken, beef and mutton are dancing in my head. But, they say I am not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday,so what's a girl supposed to do? I am not even so clear on the reasoning behind no meat on the day since all I've heard is something about meat,blood and crucifixion. My friend has since told me the no meat issue has to do with sacrifice so I should not yield.

It really appears that we are striking on the Easter traditions because for the first time in memory there are no cross buns in the house. There is an Easter bun though, that was sent from the Jamaican family so that probably counts for something.

So far, 2008 has been going real good so am tempted to set an egg white and see what other good things are store.But eggs cost so much that I don't feel like wasting one or two. All is not lost for I will definitely be in church tomorrow morning and those weather warnings mean I will stay away from the beach.

So should I tempt tradition and give in to the meat urges? I may yet live to tell another tale and if I suddenly drop out of the blogsphere then you know am paying the ultimate price.

Happy Easter, I think am going to check out the kite flying activities over the weekend.

Catholics don't eat meat on good friday but fish is ok? (Pssst, fish is a meat). Oh, and supposedly the catholic church allows you to eat capybara's because they spend enough time in the water that they could be a fish.... if they weren't a giant rat.

Just eat whatever you want tomorrow. If there is a god (there isn't) she should be more concerned with what people are doing then what people are eating.

For me, tomorrow really is a good friday because I'll have first choice on any steaks in any restaurants in the region. And medium rare at that. Good friday? No, Great Friday!
BTW, I asked my readers the other day if anybody knew the reason why you can't eat meat but fish was ok. Nobody really knew why.

I don't think it's a good idea just to do something because it's always been done this way. We should make decisions based on rational, sound reasoning. Not just blind tradition.
Not eating meat is just about sacrifice, Kami. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us and so catholics (and prolly other christians too) sacrifice something they like at Easter as a symbolic sign of giving thanks.
I didn't eat any meat, only fish, which many vegetarians eat. I also feasted on bun and butter. Do't love the more traditional bun and cheese.
Madbull said "I didn't eat any meat, only fish, which many vegetarians eat"

Fish is meat. I'm not sure exactly how you've come to the conclusion that a fish is a vegetable but you're wrong. Is it ok to eat

And vegetarians don't eat meat which is why they are vegetarians. You're thinking of pescetarians.
i just eat whatever is there to be eeaten. meat, fish whatever
Well I followed tradition and had my share of fish yesterday. Tomorrow will probably be lamb or some kinda meat stew.

From what I understand the no meat on Good Friday is because meat sheds blood and we want the sacrifice of Jesus blood on that day.

Anyhow Happy Easter.
You weren't supposed to eat meat on Good Friday? Aw man. I broke that rule.

I can understand that reason except that fish has blood.

And eating seafood is not really what I would call a sacrifice. Pass the lobster.
I always thought you weren't supposed to eat meat on Good Friday just to make a sacrifice. In fact, since I was a kid, we didn't eat any type of animal products on Good Friday. That means no milk, no eggs, no cheese, no meat... you get the picture. It's always difficult, but feels good in the end.
I always hear a lot of people say that but I eat meat anyway. My department bought bun and cheese for everyone, but I have only had a few slices as I am not a fan of bun.

Kite flying show sounds interesting, should be nice for taking photos. Enjoy yourself.
Hey Girl,

I totally bought a box of hot cross buns for myself and feasted on them for a week...

I managed to stay away from meat, and had fish and chips instead..

Have you watched the Kite runner? Great movie..
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