Friday, March 14, 2008


Career change

As soon as I heard of Spitzer's escapades I thought I was in the wrong profession. Never mind Aaron insists that I can't stand the pounding no matter how much I pretend . Aaron is making the big mistake of discounting the motivation factors which basically say you can rake in the big bucks for at least an hr's work. $4000 a pop in EC or USD sounds really good to me.

But then, I live on a little Caribbean island which is not going to be very forgiving if my side or new job were known. There is no CNN, Fox, NBC etc to give me the publicity and/or understanding that I would need. SVG is not a reading public so I doubt my tell all will even get off the ground. Instead, I would be tarred and feathered and I would hear how those still waters really run deep and of the shame and disgrace I've brought to my upstanding family. The same family members will not run to the media to give undying support but will instead strike me out of the little inheritance.

Most importantly, there are no Spitzers that I know of on my island. Or,if there were they won't be paying so handsomely if at all. I can see them thinking it ought to be enough for me to be graced with their presence however fleeting it may be. So, I'm watching my early retirement plans go down the drain and reconciling my self to my regular job.

cha! dont despair. you give up too early girl. you dont have to know the spitzers of the world. what you do is get a link wid an online ting like emperors club and the men will pay to fly you anywhere. you could be in europe, the US etc. that is how ya link up wid the rich big bwoy dem.
oh yea and since i help ya just now with the idea i want 10% commission :-)
Ha..spoken like someone who has done these things before.Emperor club,you say?
That's a bummer about the retirement plan. They make it hard for a sista in the Windies to have a plan. Pimps down!! lol.
In one of the articles about the Spitzer situation that I read somewhere online, can't remember where, it said that more than half of the sex-work transactions in New York (or somewhere so) don't involve any more intimacy than a kiss on the lips; the man just paying for someone to pass time with and talk to.
LOL! As they always say, "sex sells"! And dem price deh certainly high! Hmmm, Jdid might just have the idea to get your foot in the market lol!
I'm glad you don't have the chance to change your profession. You know how shocked I'd be if I saw your face on TV involved in such a scandal?
Why, Jdid is just a common PIMP! Dont listen to anything he says, my dear.

(* sotto voce *) Now why didn't I think of that before him? Then maybe I would grt the 10%! Damn. (* / sotto voce *)
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