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Everytime I travel, am always reminded how lacking our bookstores are. Before some Vincy read this and label me a traitor let me point out that am talking about range. On my last trip abroad I went into several bookstores and literally felt dizzy.

Everywhere I turned were books by my favourite authors and books I wanted. The works of Maya Angelou adorned one shelf, not too far away were the autobios of people I find intriguing. Not to mention the VS Naipauls and countless other Caribbean authors that I would like to read. Of course, specially designed to torture broke pocket persons like myself were rows and rows of the latest novels by Ken Follet and others.

After a while I refused to enter any more book and shoe stores. There is only so much pain a person can endure. Thankfully, I don't have many more vices or I don't know how I would have coped. If only we were more of a reading public our bookstores would probably be better stocked and SVG would have gotten a bit more perfect.

I went in this book store in Manhattan last summer and was totally amazed at how huge it was and the number of books! It was a large buildings with two floors!
we had a really nice big bookstore downtown here, three whole floors. i loved it now its closed. sigh!
I love bookstores. I rarely walk out of one empty-handed.
Yes,indeed,we in the Caribbean should be reading much more than we are currently doing/reading.Please be mindful of the statement that if one is interested in hiding anything such as certain information from black people,just write or place such information in a book,because in essence we are not a people who read.Book stores in metropolitan societies are extremely seductive and capitativing with respect to the marketability and presentation of copious shelves fully stocked with books.One could spend hours browsing and perusing the various titles,writers,and categories in most major book stores.Abeni,a suggestion if I may.I will suggest that you take advantage of the discount book stores,also, you may want to join or become a member of a book club.Prices or cost will be more advantageous with respect to your budget.Consequently,you will not have to endure any pain as alluded to in your post.RESPECT!!
Stunner, you must have been talking about Barne & Noble or can go into those stores and spen the entire day there reading a book. No worries, no questions asked.

Esteban, I would rethink your statement about black not ones to read. Many blacks stilldo lots of reading. They might not read the mainstream kind of literature, but they do read nonetheless. As you can see Kami and I are amongst that group.

Kami, try subscribint to the Black Expressions book cluc, you can find them online and of course. try ordering from Amazon or one of the bigger stores online.
Bookstores here in Barbados are not too bad. There are three (one of which also sells used books) that I can rely on to have something interesting, and one of them has an ongoing sale where I have found some amazing bargains. I'm talking brand-new hard-cover books by quality authors for less than $5. Joy.

Whenever I travel, I buy books, especially at the airports. Some people go 'way and come back with three four new pairs of shoes and so? I come back with at least half-dozen new books. I recently discovered there was a well-stocked, for its size, Borders bookstore in the Miami airport. $150 gone, one time!

I love books.
,you are a girl after my own heart. One time a friend brought me a book mark that read "when I have a little money I buy books and if any is left over I buy food". He said it reminded him of me:)
I love books with a passion. When I step into a bookstore I am like a child in a Toys 'R Us. I agree with you though re bookstores in Vincy. I am from St. Vincent but currently living in London and I have to pass a very huge Waterstones on my way home. I have always come out with something whenever I go into the three storey building. My precious vincy people need to develop a culture of reading and reading widely. Maybe that way we don't get hoodwinked by our politrickans. Peace
Ever notice how few West Indian books we have in the West Indies but there are plenty overseas? I still love books, but I lean more towards computers nowadays.
I completely agree with you. Bookstores in SVG equals school books. There is a serious decline in the stock of fictional literature in the bookstores here. I have to wait until i go abroad to stock up on new releases from my favorite author.

However, school books are what sell, and I guess they are just trying to suit the market.
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