Sunday, March 02, 2008


Another unsolved murder

"In the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders." These words from the hit television series Law and Order took on greater significance when the accused in the Glen Jackson murder trial was set free.

Almost two years ago the island was rocked by the news that Jackson, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister had been murdered. As was expected in such a high profile case, the local police were aided by Scotland Yard in the investigations. I am totally disgusted that after all this time the case has been thrown out because the alleged confession was illegally taken. One would think that given the nature of this case the Police would have been extra careful in making sure they followed the rules.

No doubt the tongue lashing they got from the Judge was well deserved but what about the second element of the justice system. You mean to tell me that the Office of the DP( (we have no DA'S) could not see that the confession was in breach of accepted procedures? Now, all those who believed the wrong man was arrested are having a field day and theories regarding the real killer/s are all over the place. If only the Justice System could have gotten it right we would have been spared the embarrassment of such all round incompetence. One day we will get it right,meantime the Jackson case joins the list of unsolved crimes while his family yearn for justice.

Our justice system and police force needs to be overhauled to properly investigate and prosecute the right person for justice to prevail. We are way behind when our crime fighting is concerned, not only here in Jamaica nut as your post shows also in the Caribbean.
that sucks!
I guess they were so eager to nab the guy that they forgot to follow protocol.
Wow, that's horrible. I don't agree when they keep evidence from being admissible in court because of the way it was found. Evidence is evidence... that kind of stuff drives me nuts.
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