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PM accused of rape

I am sick and tired of St Vincent and the Grenadines making waves for all the wrong reasons. The public beheading of Stacy Wilson,the rapes of the American teens on their way to the volcano, the reports that place this little island high on the list for rapes and the growing gun related deaths. As if those weren't bad enough the Prime Minister is facing a rape charge levelled at him by a police woman who was part of the security detail at his official residence.

Naturally, the Prime Minister has declared his innocence and labelled the charge as politically motivated especially as the lawyers for the complainant are seen as sympathetic to the opposition. However, such is the polarisation here that I will stick my neck out and say none of the lawyers that are sympathetic to the ruling party were even going to touch this matter.

Somewhere amidst the accusations,the denials and the conspiracies lie the truth as to what really transpired. Getting it, is what will prove to be the real challenge. As with most rape charges the alleged victim will be treated as a criminal which makes me think that she is either very courageous or extremely stupid to take on the Prime Minister. You see, I expect the state machinery to close ranks and more than likely this matter will be thrown out for lack of evidence. I would love to be proven wrong but am not very hopeful.

Meantime, the polarisation will continue. Those unsympathetic to the ruling party will throw their support behind the woman while on the other side she will be villified. Nevertheless,the damage has been done. Once dirt has been thrown some will stick.

wow! that was the first thing i saw on the nation's website this morning and your previous post on rape last week came to mind. this is mindboggling! i mean extortion, corruption,intimidation maybe even hearsay on murder but i neva hear a caribbean pm accused of rape yet
Maybe nobody accused any PM before 'cause they were too scared -- anyway she'll prob'ly be painted as a Lewinsky/groupie type, but odds are if nothing had transpired between them there'd be no impetus for any accusation. There are microcosms of society (good & bad) in every House. Some recently elected African leader is a publicly-acknowledged rapist -- can't recall his name.
Melody,I guess you are referring to Jacob Zuma who recently became the leader of the African National Congress (ANC)and who replaced Thabo Mbeki the current President of South Africa as the head of the ANC.Mr.Mbeki's term as President of South Africa will finish/expire in early 2009.So, there is a strong possibility that Mr.Zuma who has been charged and accused of rape and corruption could become president of South Africa post the general elections.
Wow,this is indeed mindboggling and I feel your pain for St. Vincent and the Grenadines!! And as you rightfully contend, " Somewhere amidst the accusations,the denials and the conspiracies lie the truth as to what transpired." Difficult and interesting times lie ahead for Vincentians,but again,you are a strong and resolute people and even this will pass, and the people will survive irrespective of the outcome.RESPECT !! A segue with respect to Jacob Zuma referred to in muy earlier comment.Interestingly,Mr.Jacob Zuma at a point in his political career was also the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa.
Saw this on the front page of the Nation on Saturday and was struck speechless. When I read the article, my reaction was much like yours, "This woman either real brave or she crazy!"

From what I read in the paper, the case has already been more or less thrown out; the Nation reported that the Superintendent of Police had closed the case and declined to investigate further because the woman's report was unbelievable. Is there still an avenue for a case to arise out of this, legally speaking? And what do you think is the likelihood that the PM will take action against the complainant for libel/slander/defamation?
Legally speaking, she has filed a private criminal suit. If the courts determine there is a case to be heard then it will go forward. Interesting times ahead
Exactly, Esteban, that's de guy!
Sad to say, but I'm more inclined to go with the victim on this one. One one in their right mind would take on the PM without a good reason.
Have to agree with Leon on this..
It is sad that even the prime minister is in trouble because he feels he is above the law. Vincentians need to wake up. This man is only that a man, not god. The stupid things he has been able to get away with,is ridiculous. He does not carry himself like a prime minister.
It is a CONSPIRACY on the PART of the OPPOSITION PARTY, the NDP. They're POWER HUNGRY. Since they CANNOT defeat the RULING party and its ESTEEM leader,
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, at the polls, they have become DESPERATE, thus this ALLEGED call of RAPE.

It is simply RIDICULOUS to think that PRIME MINISTER, the HON. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves would rape an SSU officer in the resident where his WIFE, KIDS and other SECURITY personnel were present.

It doesn't make SENSE for this PRIME MINISTER to JEOPARDIZE his LEGACY, his STATUS in the LOCAL, REGIONAL, and INTERNATIONAL scene...and his GOVERNMENT by raping this WOMAN.

This is what the FATHER (a LAWYER), Bayliss Frederick, of the PRO (Public Relations Officer), VYNETTE FREDERICK, of the opposition party said: "“Now it will shock the accused man (Dr Ralph Gonsalves) to know that the evidence that the police has is what forced me to call Mr. Campbell...and told him that they are going to arrest the Prime Minister, and the best thing if he could do is to advise him either commit suicide or resign....If he resigns, then we can put in place certain provisions, certain actions as to prevent the girl from pursuing her report. That is if he resigns.”

Who is the "WE" that Bayliss is referring to? Why is saying that the PM should KILL HIMSELF or RESIGN?

And in that STATEMENT, do you see that anyone even concern about the woman who made the charge of alleged rape by the PM?

Again, this is a CONSPIRACY against the PM....and in due time, all will be REVEALED. RAPE NEVER took PLACE!!

By the way, Abeni, do not STICK your NECK out, because you will MOST DEFINITELY LOSE on this one.
What a Joke! Conspiracy?!!? Where is the evidence of the conspiracy?
Why has the "Oh so bright" Hon DR. and his band of lawyers not brought a shed of evidence to show conspiracy?? Did the Opposition arrange for the Young Officer to be stationed at the residence? This may not even reach to the court, but I know that justice will be done, if the PM is innocent, he will be vindicated. I however cannot imagine why someone would put themselves through such an ordeal, knowing full well that the PM would have the benefit of the Justice system, being a well-known criminal lawyer himself and most importantly Prime Minister. If this Lady is not telling the truth, she is stone cold crazy. Our anonymous friend cites that it doesn't make sense for the PM to Jeopardize his legacy... Please remember that the PM is a mere Human being like all of us... I hardly believe his legacy would have come to mind then.... maybe now! ...NOT before! All any right thinking person need to be concerned about is if anyone is going to have their day in court? That the only way we will know the truth.
This is a legal matter.But to hear the office of pm accused of rape is strange.In all my years,I mean never mitchell,never cato,never Joshua.
The PM should just let it go to trial and set an example so people would know justice exists in svg.Whether the case has merit or not the dpp should not have stepped in,it should have gone to trial and if ralph win he should sue,if he lost then he should acept his fate.
i don't believe that the lady is lying i actually applaud her for coming forth and saying something cause to other woman it happened to they need to grow some balls and step out, speak up. woman are to afraid of what the outcome might be just BECAUSE he is the pm...his is not god, let the TRUTH COME TO LIGHT!
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