Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Happy Birthday Bob

I had my fill of Marley music from the airwaves today. Not that am complaining at all since Marley is always welcomed and relevant. I wonder what he would think of the music if he were alive today. Would he be shocked at the move from equal rights and justice to gangsta for life?

Exodus is jamming in the background and with that am making the move to ny bed. Thanks for the music Bob.

I love Bob Marley. His music always puts me in such a happy place.
Stayed up all night watching the Bob Marley special on TV. Dad was reliving a bit of his youth, telling me which concerts he went to.
Music alone shall live, even after de prophet gone -- an' what a prophet!
i thought you liked gangsta fa life :-)
lol it got aan appeal .but would Bob like?
Yeah his music certainly filled the airwaves. But I don't think he would be too happy about all this "gangsta life" in the dancehall music. Hmmm, suh yuh like a gangsta heh?
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