Monday, February 11, 2008


Congrats Rihanna


A Grammy is huge.Somehow, I think you must still be pinching yourself to see if all you've achieved thus far is real.

I believe I must have been living under a rock somewhere because until I saw this afternoon's news, I had NO CLUE that the Grammy's were taking place last night!

Congrats to Rihanna and Stephen Marley.
The Beatles never won a Grammy. I'm calling shenanigans.
Congrats to her. She did well, let's hope she keeps on the right rack now.
Hello from Faial Island - Azores.

Come and meet our beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic...
Congrats to her, she has achieved a lot in a short time.
Rihanna's lost WEIGHT. Anyway, congrats on a heckuva career, an' better congrats if her eyes still focus on God.
congrats indeed
Awesome. I don't think ever she thought she'd go so far. Way to represent Ri.
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