Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Back to the Land

Today, I saw the students of the Bishop's College busily working on their agricultural plot. Back in the day, as students of the Girls' High School and being somewhat elitist due to our billing as the top school we tended to look down on the students doing Agriculture. Our reasoning was that they were not as intelligent as we were and could not handle the Physics,Chemistry, Maths and all the other subjects that we thought proved just how brilliant we were. Therefore, subjects like Agriculture, woodwork etc were not attractive at all.

Many years later and with all the talk of food security am so thrilled to see the students busy in their plot. This could just be the start that is needed for them to build on. It may not necessarily mean going into large scale farming but the kitchen garden concept can be revived. It's time for us to concentrate more on growing what we eat even though far too many of us consider farming as something that the educated should steer away from. However, given the VAT and general increase in cost of living the land is looking more and more inviting.

As for me,I am thinking that the Agriculture programme should be a feature in all schools. What a difference a couple of years can make.

so you going to plant a lil kitchen garden?
I'm so in agreement with you Kami. Mr Camp always tells me that when we return to Barbados he wants a house with the ability to keep a kitchen Garden.
Kitchen gardens are cool. Gives you a relaxing hobby plus it cuts down on grocery bills.
Comprehensive and vocational education should be a must in all Caribbean schools.Agriculture should be considered a crucial and important subject/discipline in all or most schools,especially,the non-urban schools that/which are generally situated on relatively large acreages.Certainly,some of these lands can be transformed into intensive gardens and areas for various forms of animal husbandry.If schools utilized lands in this manner or form, respective schools would be able to decrease their food bill and also earn income from selling to the communities.Times are definitely changing in certain places regarding the perception or mis-perception of agricultural programmes.Nonetheless,in certain quarters of Caribbean societies, sterotypes and stigmas regarding agriculture still exists/persists.Hopefully,the demand for agricultural products and its costs will promote more meaningful changes.RESPECT!!
It takes all types of preferences and skills in this world. I always admire people who do things that I hate doing... I can never understand how they have the patience for it. Chances are, they look at me and say the same.
I don't think I have ever succeeded in growing anything. You buy enough land to plant for both o us and I will buy from you.
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