Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Things that make you think

Recently, I read Corentyne Thunder by Edgar Mittelholzer; an author that I like a lot. I think it was a little over a year ago that somebody pointed out to me that he had committed suicide. However, am reading the aforementioned book and one of the characters mentions that one day he would kill himself and the world will wonder why.

So now am wondering if the Geoffrey character was autobiographical and if Mittelholzer struggled for years with suicidal thoughts. Or,if it just turned out to be prophetic. I think my curious/morbid self needs to go do some research on the author's life. Maybe,I would get some answers/insights into the thought processes.

As my friend Dekkah said earlier to me tonight "These talented peeps just seem tortured". I think she is right

Hmm, I never heard of this book or author. I'm officially interested now though.
usually seems that way. they say ya have to be half off to have the creative thing going on.
Never heard of him either. I guess it was autobiographical. Perhaps that was the only was to express his feelings, and all fiction does have some element of reality after all.
I think their pain brings them inspiration. Look at some of the best love songs, they were written by peeps with tortured souls or failed relationships!

Or hidden identities like Luther
Tis True, with genius comes tortured craziness..

Exshhplains my own craziness...haha
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