Tuesday, January 29, 2008


RIP Andy Palacio

When I was much younger the late musician Andy Palacio came to St Vincent as part of a Garifuna contingent establishing or reestablishing ties with the homeland. During that visit he was a frequent visitor to our home and due to his friendly,outgoing nature we all warmed to him.

I was paid special attention because he had a daughter whose name was Kami.When he went back to Belize I received a letter from my namesakea nd for a while we exchanged letters. He told us stories of Belize and the Garifuna history. We heard about the music called punta and felt slightly envious that the Carib/Garifuna community of St Vincent had lost the native language while it was alive in Belize.

News of his death reached me over the weekend and it triggered all those memories of yesteryear. Gone at 47 which seems too soon. Rock on Andy P

47 does seem soon, but look how so many others go much sooner:( Sounds like he was a cool guy -- R.I.P.
Damn, 47 is too young, even though as Melody said, much have gone younger. That's really sad.
That's so sad. Sounds like he was a very nice person... RIP
Never knew the guy, but he sounds like a decent fellow. You sharing letters with your namesake was pretty cool.
I'm posting some more information on Andy Palacio on my blog at svgblog.blogspot.com
There are some interesting Garifuna relics in the National Trust Museum in the Old Carnagie Library in Kingstown. We are going to try to have Palacio CDs on sale at the museum, but you can downlog songs from emusic.
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