Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Never a dull moment

In Vincy we have a new friend and his name is Strike. When things not going right we can always count on him to make his presence felt. He is so feared that sometimes the mere thought of his appearance is enough to get results that benefit his friends.

Wednesday and Thursday, Strike and his teacher friends will be taking centre stage in protest over the newly concluded Reclassification exercise. From all reports persons being promoted will (in most cases) be getting a lesser salary than the incumbents. Given the economic situation it is no wonder many people are disgruntled with what the exercise has to offer. However, as usual it is the teachers and their vibrant union leading the way and speaking out even though other classes of Government workers have been affected.

Am not sure how this one will pan out but I do know whose corner am in.

less blogging more standing on the picket line supporting your union bredren
I learned of your strike from this blog - not from a picket line.
I too am acquainted with Mr. Strike. He paid a visit to the JUTC this weeks and inconvenienced many commuters, including myself.
Like Leon, I too am all to familiar with Strike, he is in Jamaica every week and these days almost every day!
Good luck, hope you secure the increases you want.
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