Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Hello 2008

Goodbye 2007. Some of the events that stood out were:

36 murders on our little island. None more gruesome than a father shooting his daughters. Thankfully,one survived. Sadly, the majority of these murders are connected to the growing drug and or gun culture.

A Virginia Tech student goes on a rampage killing 32 persons on campus

Cricket World Cup came to the Caribbean

Asafa Powell lowered his 100 metres world record

Marion Jones retired in disgrace after admitting to steroid use

We were introduced to the VAT

Political parties in the Caribbean took camapaigning to new heights with the use of the internet(youtube and blogs in particular)

Pavarotti died

Benazir Bhutto assassinated

The final Harry Potter book released

Gas prices kept rising

LIAT fares kept gaining altitude

Not to be left out general cost of living followed suit.

The word prolactin became part of my vocabulary.

one November afternoon, the earth shook for what seemed like an eternity.

Feel free to add what stood out for you

Good summary. How could I have forgotten the Cricket World Cup in mine? Happy New Year Abeni!
JFK Blown Away
What else do I have to Sayyyyy?
news media dominated by dumb, drunk celebrities.
west indies won a test match overseas man. wha kinda cricket fan you is?
lol Jdid,that had its own thread
Another year, another load of sad news. We had 14 murders in Ottawa in 2007... down from 16 in 2006. At least there's some progress.
President politics in the US intruded into the year before the election.

I found your blog through Global Voices Online. I hope you'll stop by my blog, Crossword Bebop, sometime.

It is my grand dream to blog about crossword puzzles in every English-speaking country in the world. Is there a newspaper in St. Vincent that carries a crossword puzzle?
Beenie amdn and D'Angel call it quits after one year!

Jamaica got touched by Dean.

It was quite an eventful year. Hope 2008 will be good!
Happy New Year, 'Beni. Loved the summary. Bhutto's assasinaton stood out a lot for me, dunno if it was because it happned so close to the year end, but...(sigh...)
Castro got frailer, still hangin' in there though.
Bruce won = new administration, after donkey's years.
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