Sunday, January 13, 2008


Glasses woes

I am tired of wearing glasses. If am not falling asleep with them on(hazards of late night reading) am constantly misplacing them and have to be frantically searching the house.

Apart from those incidents there are times when you just want to go out without them. Over the holidays, in one my vain/blonde moments I decided I was going out minus them and ended up having the menu read to me. Needless to say I was the joke of the evening. Suddenly, contacts are looking more and more inviting if only I can get past the squeamishness of placing objects in my eyes.

Whenever am searching for my glasses I often wish there was some sort of sensor built in that could lessen my frustration. At least when the cell phone is misplaced you have an option to dial the number and most times you can track it down. Opticians,are you listening? Oh well, I can always attach string and make my own retro look. Somehow,I think not.

I think that's an inspired idea!
Welcome to the club. I am your president.... I refuse to wear the contacts as well. Don't think I want to be putting stuff in my eyes. Apart from that, I've seen the end results of contacts that have remained in too long.
some fellas like girls with glasses ya kno!

i with you and scratchie, i cant deal with the contact thing.
I could never wear contacts. They're too much trouble to deal with. Plus glasses make you look intelligent.
I'm tired if mine too! But like you I just can't get myself to put those contacts in my eye.
Strange, recently I have been hearing more and more people sounding squeamish about wearing contacts. So far I have not needed glasses but my fear has always been that once I got glasses, the first thing I would do would be to lose them. So I think I would have to go the contacts route. And then be one of those persons, stopping everyone from stepping freely while I search for the missing contact.

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Laser Eye Surgery...
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