Sunday, January 06, 2008


No Movado?

Apparently, Movado will be banned from having a concert here on January 19th. With 36 homicides recorded last year it seems as if the last thing we need is a performer glorifying the gangsta life. Or so goes the the murmurings on the ground.

Personally, I find some of Movado's songs to be quite crass but there are others I tolerate or actually like. However, am not certain whether he is glorifying the gangster life or just singing about the reality of life for many. I guess am a tad confused given that I read where Movado was spearheading a project to get computers to every school in Jamaica.

Yesterday, my friend Bart and I had a little discussion about the role of music as a stimulant on impressionable minds. We both agreed though that music in and of itself cannot be seen as the cause of crime. That,in my opinion is just too simplistic and ignores the root cause of the spiralling crime situation.

Anyway, I am curious to know if the music will be banned from the airwaves as well. Somehow, I suspect not which makes the banning pretty pointless to me.

Maybe it's not pointless -- it's a rejection of his on-stage gangsta persona. IMO pop culture in general influences (esp. young) people's behaviour.
Like banning Movado is really gonna help the crime problem.
I agree with Leon on this.

The kneejerk reaction is to always blame a video game, artist, etc because it is much easier to do than to really solve the problem.

Besides, banning something just makes people that more eager to hear what's being banned. I went to catholic school and they once brought us to the auditorium to lecture the dangers of heavy metal music (Ozzy, Motley Crue, etc) because of their music was "Satanic". It was supposed to scare us. All of us were prepubescent headbangers within a week.
gangsta for life

wha dem a do
wha dem a try

anywayyyy cant quote no more lyrics i doan want to get ban :-)

by the way a nice girl like you shouldnt be listenin no slacky slacky mavado lyrics :-)
Marrow wi fly into di sky
Gun mi nuh barrow
Me money buy

Anywayyyyy..Gangsta fuh life

Lol, I losing my nice girl stripes
My opinion in a nutshell:
music is a significant mental stimulant under reasonable circumstances such as those that exist in the caribbean - i.e. where we are exposed to it all the time.

Naturally the messages of these songs will seep into the subconscious mind and if nothing else, inform possible actions that the listener would not have been reasonably been exposed to (as yet).

Obviously music is not a 'cause' by itself but it certainly plays a role.

What the authorities in Vincy are doing is perhaps an isolated act in desperation and thus will impact little in the bigger scheme of things. However the basic assumption behind such moves are correct - the music's messages does have significant potency and therefore limiting the exposure of the members of its society to this music limits its potential to significantly influence.

I'm out!
I outta tune wid de latest artiste and doan kno who Mavado is, but anything tuh help curb de gansta rappers and the thrife they throw out at the youngsters nowadays.
In my opinion they just trying a ting. Allowing him to perform there might suggest that they back his message. banning him sends a message that we dont think your lyrics are a good influence to our youth. it may not make a difference at least not right away but its the correct stance if the government wants to later have the moral highground to stand on
waht is banning him going to help wit the community like waht that not going to do shit if you are going threw waht we are and anything then you will understand why he is talking bout just because he is talking bout gangs and other stuff he is talking the truth like They made us act like this this is the only way to get our money. now they want to make things right fuck dat let things take its course
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