Friday, January 18, 2008


Another one gone

So, Barbados has a new government following the January 15th elections. Most people I talk to can't seem to understand how such a thing happened. They point to Barbados's ranking on the HDI, the education system, the strength of the economy etc. That would lead one to believe that Arthur was doing a fabulous job.

So why then did the Bajan electorate sweep him out of office? I definitely don't have the answers but most long serving governments always have to face charges of corruption as well not being in tune with their constituents needs. Apparently, the Arthur govt had its fair share of accusations as well as a lot of complaints about the rising cost of living.

I am thinking that all the rankings on the HDI etc mean very little if persons on the ground are finding it increasingly hard to live comfortably. That is when you make your objections known in the most telling way you can. It's not going to be a piece cake for the new govt given the international climate but there is always the hope that new persons bring fresh ideas. Time will tell

I suppose they feared the government would become corrupt or they were really suffering. Well, not SUFFERING, but not living in the best conditions.
>> there is always the hope that new
>> persons bring fresh ideas.

This is the very same hope that put the JLP in office in Jamaica.
The Barbados voters were ready for a change and they voted for that change. I guess they saw issues that the former Gov. was not addressing and thought it was time for someone else to steer the country. I guess as MB said, the same things happened here in Jamaica.
how you mean! we aint antigua that going to be run by the same family fa 30 odd years. owen did a credible job but it was time for change.

and the man on the ground cant spend rankings when the basic necessities going up every day and government doing stupidness locally
i dont know barbados on the ground. but the impression i get from reading the press is that bajans would not give an unprecedented fourth term to arthur not because of his record, but simply because it was unprecedented. it seems to be they're version of 2 party westminster democracy.

i think they are right because when one party has power too long it becomes arrogant and out of touch. that seems to have happened with arthur who campaigned on the basis of experience and his tried and tested nature-he seems to have presented the opposition as inexperienced fools.

overall bajans should be extremely proud of their democracy as well as their economic record.
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