Sunday, December 30, 2007


Windies win..

"Brother, we finally win ah test match. Dem boys make mi heart nearly buss wid joy. Is nearly eight years yuh know dat we ent win a real team overseas. Bro, Ah dunno how I ent dead from di shock and joy". Words, spoken in church by one elderly gentleman to another in the wake of West Indies historic win over South Africa.

From where I was sitting, I smiled and thought how much cricket must mean to men of that generation. I thought their joy must really be unbridled seeing it was the first test win on South African soil, first away win to "real" opposition since 2000 and first test win since 2005. That translates to serious drought and despair for many a fan with precious little to be happy about.

This victory is so huge given the history of South African tours. Lest we forget,the rebel cricketers broke the hearts of many when they followed the lure of money to then apartheid South Africa. Years later, the first official tour by a West Indies team ended with an ignominous 5 nil drubbing. It's often said cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties although with West Indies the outcomes are usually certain. However,this time the saying lived up to its billing and thirsty fans are savoring the moment.

(Maybe '08 is de year they'll reclaim their pride of place.) Happy New Year, Kami!
Long way to go,Mel..Happy New Year too
No comments! Still a bun fyah!
finally I can say they won something of consequence. not no stupid 20/20 foolishness

now i juss hoping we doan get let down next two tests
I seriously doubt that Melody. One win doesn't mean they're back. Besides, even if they do, cricket is practically dead in the eyes of the West Indian people anyway.
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