Sunday, December 16, 2007


Windies win

While idly flipping channels I ended up on Sportsmax and saw the most amazing score. I had to do a double to ensure that the score was really 7 for 4 and the west Indies were not batting. So, instead of watching American Gangster we ended up watching the drama that was the Twenty20 or Thirteen13 game.

I must say some bets were on South Africa to bowl out Windies for 30. However, despite some hiccups the West Indies knocked off the 59 needed for the win. Wins, especially against higher rated opponents are so rare that they are celebrated with much gusto as was the case in my neigbhbourhood. One could be forgiven for thinking that Christmas came a few days earlier.

Nice Christmas cricket -- like de ghost of Cricket Past ...
Amazing! WI actually won a game!!!
20-20, chupse! tell me when they win something useful
be nice nuh Jdid:)
Oh please. Even the worst teams don't lose all the time. They'll be back to their losing ways soon enough.
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