Tuesday, December 04, 2007


UWI sucks

I hate to admit it but really they do. Imagine a month has already passed and a student cannot get a response to a query? No one in the administrative department is even courteous enough to acknowledge receipt of several queries. This is very unacceptable and contemptuous behaviour from the premier educational institute in the Caribbean.

And,what's the deal with putting some courses online yet students still have to go to a classroom to do the exams? Methinks,either you are online or you are not. I just wish all the students could go off to full time universities since distance students are treated like step children.

Their rudeness used to be based on lack of competition -- or so ah thought -- now they don't have a monopoly, their rudeness is unfathomable.
Poor albeni...this too shall pass?

What are you taking.

and good for you, i have to go do a post grad degree, and the mere thought of it, sends shivers down my spine...studying on sat nights again....yuck
I've never taken an online course, but I'd assume the exams must be taken in a classroom to ensure that the students don't have notes beside them as they write the exams.
I have heard so many horror stories about WUI. I can't umnderstand why they don't get their act together with all the competition out there.
Good Luck girl.
Yeah I hear UWI sucks big time and so does Utech! It I had the money I would have done an online course with one of those foreign Universities. These institutions keep forgetting that we pay them for a service, not beg!
I have been saying it for years and peeps think I am just bashing UWI. The administration at the University is Horrible, the level of service is ATROCIOUS. UWI ensured that I will never give any money to them and instead will give it to UT. It will take a whole blog for me to air my problems with them but the short form of it is that UWI nearly ruined my academic career over a petty technicality.
they sure do
I go to UWI Faculty of Medicine in Trinidad and I have to say as an international student, the faculty sucks big time. Incompetent, lazy, condescending, and disorganized are a few words that come to mind. This school for the most part is a real medical school, but their exam policies are bullshit to say the least. You have no quizzes or midterm exams throughout the semester, and are slapped with ONE FINAL EXAMINATION PER ORGAN SYSTEM at the end of the academic year. Only FOUR exams throughout the entire 9 months of that year. There is no way a student can redeem himself or herself in case you bomb these exams. Only option is to restudy again and resit in August. Teachers span from parts of Africa and India and do not care to consider the weaker areas of their students. Going to class is only to satisfy one's mind, but it doesn't really enrich you all that much. Ultimately, you end up spending COUNTLESS hours at home with the textbooks the school recommends (which are THICK and not appropriate for the MBBS level and instead are better suited as reference books for post graduate, PhD level). We are expected to attempt and understand pointless material and information cover-to-cover by ourselves which more than 50% will never be relevant to us as practicing medical doctors. HEY UWI, IF YOU WANT TO GIVE HARD EXAMS YOUR LEVEL OF TEACHING MUST BE JUST AS GOOD!

The school looks great in the glossy photographs they publish, but it looks like a piece of shit when you see it in real. Pigeon feces and fungus cover every piece of concrete that sits on this medical university. They make millions off yet don't want to invest a penny into maintaining the campus.

I'd suggest people who consider this campus, or any of the other two campuses of UWI to visit the school first before applying for admission there.
I agree wholeheartedly. Seems as though these people do not know anything about customer service or in giving value for money. Medical students are treated like scum by "teachers" and other "facilitators". Students are pushed to the brink of exhaustion and some end up as patients. Need I say more. Someone should really look into the whole medical school system at UWI on the whole.
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