Monday, December 24, 2007


Try a little kindness

It's Christmas Eve and all through the land people are busy getting last minute shopping done or beautifying their homes. Today, on my way to the bus stop I saw something that touched my heart. Sitting under a gallery was an old man dressed in some filthy clothes and no doubt homeless. As I approached where he was sitting I heard a young girl probably about nineteen ask him if he wanted some. I didn't hear or see his response but I saw her pass over the cup of soup she had most likely bought a few minutes ago.

As I mentally applauded her for her act of loving kindness I felt good about us as a people. She gave me hope that all is not lost, despite the growing gun violence and the individualistic tendencies we are adopting more and more. That act of kindness is what it's all about especially at this Christmastime.

And tomorrow's headline will read "the poisoned soup giving serial killer strikes the homeless on Christmas Eve".

Sorry, even on Christmas eve my crusty cynicism comes out reflexively.

Happy Holidays Kami!
Happy Holidays Chris

I thought you'd say she didn't like the soup:)
If she didn't like it, she coulda meanly thrown it away. Then again, if she gave him some of it, an' then took it back an' drank de rest, I'd find that questionable tho generous.
all i read was the young girl asking the man if he want some and my mind was like but wait dem young girls getting very brazen dese days. imagine dat! :-)

merry christmas
Merry Christmas Dearie!!!
Yeah, that was kind. I've seen that kind of interaction too myself, though not this Christmas.
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