Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Since around last Friday I've been having problems with my monitor and you won't believe the level of stress it caused. First, there was mild panic when the screen started flickering which quickly escalated when the screen began shrinking.

Even though I've had access to other computers the idea of mine not working is almost unbearable. I know, I know I need help. As my friend pointed out yesterday we have grown too accustomed to technology. I couldn't even disagree because am always irritable when the television or the net is down. Weeks would pass and I won't even feel the urge to turn the television on. However, the minute I step foot in the house the tv is switched on. The funny thing is that even if am not paying attention(which is most times) it still has to be on.

There used to be a time when I was madly in love with books.It wasn't uncommon for me to read two or three per week but these days am lucky if I read two per mth. I still love books, would still take my last dollar and buy that must have novel or text but the restlesness I used to feel when there is nothing new to read is gone.

Anyway, service is back to normal and happy days are here again.

Hooked on technology -- tech-heads soon create techno-rehab wid books, etc., to wean we off de PC.
I am always amazed to find out that them 'country' parts of the Caribbean that you live in have things like the internet and cable! ;)
lol,be nice Aaron.Remember that you are supposed to win on the reality show
I'm exactly the same way. I go nuts when the internet is down. There was a point during the summer where the internet would stop working for about 5hrs each day. You'd better believe I was complaining about it... I don't pay bill for fun.

Good luck with the monitor.
Don't worry. Pretty soon you'll feel the same way about the Internet. But you're not alone. I'm hooked on technology as well.
whwn i go on vacation i completely disconnect. it actually helps and its amazing you dont really miss it. i think we just been assimilated to believe we need all this stuff and if we dont have it we missing things. but if it aint there life still goes on
wait till you get a blackberery
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