Thursday, December 06, 2007


My reality show

What happens when e-harmony fails to find you a match? You start thinking of your own reality show. How does I luv Abeni, Everybody luvs Abeni,
Abeni's flava of luv(apologies to Flava Flav), Abeni's kaiso of love(sorry Bret Michaels) sound?

I think I've watched enough "dating" based reality shows to be able to adapt the necessary diva attitude. Note to self: Start practicing the pouts, the head tossing, the swearing, the crying on cue. On second thoughts the divas lost out so I guess I'll have to tone down on the "divatude". However,toning down won't make for good tv so am betting I will have egg on my face by the time the show ends.

Now,all I got to do is pitch the show to Digicel.With the public texting and or calling to vote off contestants they can't lose. That way too I can trust the audience a la "Who wants to be a millionaire".

CaliJ, Marc, Stunner,Leon et al "Do you have mad love for Abeni"? Then crowd around your woman and start sending in the applications.

girl, you are a Hot about adding UWI college Hill....
I'm sure the fella will surely apply. Can I be a show consultant?
"Lights, camera, action!" (Kami enters wid a Miss-piggy-esque toss of hair -- kinda like New York.)

Kami: SVG in da hizz-ouse!

Contestants in a choral blur: Hey-whadduh-how U doin', SVG!

Kami: Y'all duz want some kick & lick! What oonu waitin' for, come crowd 'round ya girl SVG, an' kiss mi toes wid whip cream!
what the.... Desperation kicking in these days. lol desperation just having fun at my expense
'Our' Problem is this: Would we have to put in 3 applications? For id, ego and Cali j? And what happens can you vote off one of us but keep the other 2? And what if one of us wants to quit can the other 2 stay?

Plus why have the competition when you know that we have to win?
I hereby submit my application. I think you have enough divalishousness to pull it off. Should be a hell of a competition. go gurl do you! :)

I love the title Abeni's Flava of Luv! That one rocks!

How does "Let Your Luv Rise for Abeni" sound? Hmmm not sure but I think people would probably misinterpret that one! LOL!
You know you don't have to ask twice for me to apply! i already have my game face on and ready to charm your soul!

LOL! I kinda like Deelze's suggestion, hehehehe!
Hey, I'll be glad to give you my opinion. I'm great at reading people based on first impressions. Did you really have no luck with e-harmony? I heard that site was really good.
I'll be sending in my application with a dozen roses.
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