Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Feeling more Christmassy

It's definitely beginning to feel like Christmas. The streets of Kingstown are crowded, Money Gram and Western Union have long lines of grumbling patrons who are frustrated at the wait.

On the street,every vendor is promoting the deal of the lifetime. As for the Customs, it's sweet madness as persons go through the process of clearing their barrels,boxes etc.

Mentally, I've already spent far too much money so hopefully I will be more restrained in the actual buying. If not, I can at least console myself that it is the season or that I really needed the stuff, can't I?

Saturday morning the Nine Mornings festival begins. I can't promise my self to be outta bed for 4 am or thereabouts but I know am checking out a couple mornings.

Despite all the Christmas feelings, am a little sombre this morning. Today, Dec 11th is the the day that Stacy Wilson met her gruesome end. The evil and senselessness of it all still boggles the mind. Spare a thought for her relatives who must be so distressed this time of year.

Christmas this year feels 'concentrated' -- am not certain Y exactly, but am enjoyin' it nonetheless. Enjoy it, Kam, so much sad abounds anyway, might as well relish de glad.
I love Christmas though this year seems less Christmasy....
Well the business people are definitely in the Christmas mood as they try to convince us to spend all our money!
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