Saturday, December 08, 2007


Early Cmas present

Today, while in Kingstown I happened upon a most pleasant sight. Right on Halifax St and directly opposite the National Commercial Bank; a new restaurant, specialising in Jamaican patties had opened its doors to business. Naturally, being a lover of the authentic stuff I had to go check out the offerings and make a purchase.

No longer would I be at the whims and fancies of returning UWI students to get my fix. No longer would I have to bug my relatives to send me some if they know of anyone coming to SVG. On second thoughts, I would still want my relativs to send me a box but you get the drift. Life is good, so good that I had to excitedly share the news to some fellow "pattieholics".

Now,if only I could find a way to get a regular supply of Walkerwood seasonings.

I'm flattered that you like Jamaican food. I could send you some Walkerswood if you'd like.
Mmm, I LOVE Jamaican patties. My mom used to buy us some when I was younger, so they bring back really great memories. Haven't had any in the longest time though :(
Ok Leon, I will remember that
Am a "pattieholic" when it comes to fish patties. IMHO, Golden Krust an' dem can't equal Tastee for de original patty taste tho.
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