Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas images

Opening of Gifts


Christmas food


Ethnic behaviour after consuming said food


lol @ 'ethnic behaviour' -- so wha' yu call all de non-ethnic who gobble up turkey an' then practically drop asleep same place a' de table?!
lol, that was funny. I suddenly am feeling quite hungry.

Merry Christmas!
"Ethnic behaviour after consuming said food" is just a p.c. way of saying "niggeritis" right?
ethnic behaviour mi tail! play you aint kno white people duz get dat way too.
Yup, Leon in this case...Allyuh ethnic behaviour encompasses all the races
Good food…I felt the same way…
ha ah ah aha Luv Barbados we call it Bajaneritis

Happy Holidays. I know I've been MIA
Cute, cute! :)
LOL! You certainly had fun over the holidays!
WOW, sure look like you guys had fun...that food looks yummy!

The ethnic behavior sure does look familiar! ;)
I experienced a lot of this ethnic behaviour during the holidays.Great man!! RESPECT!
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