Thursday, November 29, 2007


When the earth shook

They told me it shook for what seemed like an eternity. Buildings swayed like palm trees and frightened occupants scurried for cover. Some wept, others prayed fearing judgement was upon them and there was no way of escaping God's wrath. Living under the shadow of La Soufriere meant almost everyone feared the mountain was awaking from its slumber.

Meantime, blissfully unaware of the proceedings I was making my way to Kingstown and laughing at my relatives horror stories. When I finally got into my house the number of books that had fallen off the shelf told their own story.

Should I feel a bit cheated? Most definitely since I won't be able to tell the children and grandchildren about the day the earth shook.

When I heard the news, I immediately thought of you. Glad you're ok.
Takes more than a quake to shake U down:)
I heard about I on the news! Glad to know you are ok. The last couple of earthquakes I went though I was walking, so I didn't feel it.
strange when the ground moves...the one thing you count on being stable..
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