Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Those Social network sites

By now we all have heard of My space, Hi5, Facebook etc where all the cool people hang out. Being the curious person that I am it means I have checked out many profiles on HI 5 in particular.

I have noticed that many persons I know have posted very suggestive pictures in their albums. What bugs me is that some the very persons they supervise or teach are right there commenting away in an equally suggestive manner. They often tell me am guilty of over analysis but I can't help wondering about the implications for carrying out their supervisory duties.

As the saying goes familiarity breeds contempt.

Improper -- students won't respect them sufficiently.
Lady don't you know that you're also in the position of authority (teacher who have to be highly respected) and you have a blog? :) :)
Z from CC.COM
But the blog is clean..so there Z
Amen, and blogs are also relatively annon....
Looks like some people just don't realize that their actions have consequences. A student can't respect you if you're posing like a drunken 16 year old.
True words, one co-worker has a really sexy swim suit pic on hers. What can I say...she braver than me. Can't see her the same again though. Those work clothes get kinda obscured by the photo.
My first year in America I went to Mardi Gras (held on a Tuesday - just like Carnival) next day Wednesday, full day of classes and...I had a hard time looking some of the girls in their faces. (Draw your own conclusions :) )
Is there any difference than playing mass and then going to work/school the next day. NO...but blogging suggestively when you are in the position of authority is a different ball game especially when you have pictures to accompany them.
agree with you
notice every women, ok 95% on these social networking sites have some sort of profile photo showing their assets or with some sort of come hither look. is like that is the only way to bring attention to yaself.

dont know why one would wish to share their 'sexy' photos with everyone to be honest but openness seems to be the new norm.
report in sistren, ya survive the quake?
People need to be responsible when they post photos on these websites, especially when they have a position of responsibility.
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