Thursday, November 08, 2007


Sweetest mango

I wanted to write about Kern Spencer's tears in the parliament but my Jamaican friends have already done a wonderful job. So, instead I will tell you all about the Sweetest Mango, a film made and produced in Antigua.

Last night, Caribvision brought the film,which is about 6 years old to our television screens. According to their promo it was the first time a film was being showcased on their channel. I wonder why it took them so long to feature Caribbean films but better late than never. By the way, Caribvision if you listening am yet to see "The harder they come."

Fans of Digicel Rising Star should have recognised last year's runner up Omar Mathurin in his leading man role. I saw this other actor and thought that he had a strong resemblance to Viv Richards. Lo and behold, he turned out to be the Master Blaster's brother Mervyn.

Since am not a movie critic I can't break down the film for you. I'll say though that it's a sorta romantic comedy and that I enjoyed it. Thanks Caribvision, keep them coming.

"Sweetest Mango" sounds interestin' -- I'll go look it up.
viv brother is an actor?
Oh it was Omar? He was a much smaller version of his digicel self in the movie.

Nice little movie... not too bad production at did not look purely amaturish...and the acting was passable...story was line ok too.

I think OECS Secretariat/EDU is supposed to be concentrating on helping develop and support the intellectual arts like these types of projects. I am not sure that much has come of it though.
Sounds interesting. We need more of our own locally produced movies that reflect our lives an cultures.
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