Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Of cyber friendships

The Internet is a wonderful tool. You log in and there is the whole world beckoning you to take a look. Then there are the friendships that are struck up with people who you most likely will never meet. So, you shoot the breeze, discuss politics, and sometimes seek advice on personal matters. Yet, for the most part when you turn off your monitors these cyber friends are forgotten until it's time to sign on again.

However, since Saturday I can't get one cyber friend and his grief off my mind. I met this cyber friend on the Cricket MB and later interacted with him on his now defunct "Letters from the West Village" blog. He was quirky, funny, smart and prone to be dramatic but on Saturday I saw grief. The grief of a father for his son Taiwo Mckenzie who along with his girlfriend was slain in Jamaica. Am realising that just maybe friendship needs no definition, no qualifiers.

That is sad.
Hope all is well with you in Vincy. I must start checking out that guy's blog.
(Looked up that news article after readin' this post.) Horrific murder. Condolences to their folks.
Beyond horrific
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