Sunday, November 25, 2007


Making the right waves

In 2004 Kamal Wood was the region's top performer at CXC. In keeping with his feat Halimah Deshong and Shermalon Kirby were the valedictorians at Cave Hill and Mona respectively. Our young people were making the region sit up and take note of our scholarship.

This year am offering hearty congratulations to Luke Browne on being named the 2008 Rhodes Scholar. It's the first time a Vincentian has been awarded this scholarship which will take him to Oxford University in October next year. Not only has Luke been blazing a trail of academic brilliance but he was also good enough to make the Windwards u19 and u15 cricket teams. Continue excelling and know that we are so incredibly proud of you.

Congratulations, Luke, pave de way for future Rhodes Scholars from SVG, an' de Caribbean. Cricketers can call that an academic century. An' keep educatin' dem Kami.
good work
That's awesome! Congrats to Luke :)
Excellent! Kinda envious of you guys, but good job! You have used the Force well Luke.
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