Friday, November 02, 2007


Lighting up the Cemeteries

A peep of what the graves look like on Nov 2nd aka All Saints Day, aka Jumbie Leggo Day.

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Always a bitter sweet experience being at the burial ground on Nov 2nd. On one hand you are keeping the memory of the departed alive whilst missing them like crazy. Yet, you do it year after year because among other things you just cannot afford to forget them.

Looks creepy to me!
I agree with Stunner.
Interesting practice. Ihave never heard of it before. Jumbie Leggo Day, huh? Sound's like a good title for a story.
Burial grounds are supposed to be a lil creepy:)
De candles' glow actually seems birthday cake-ish -- okay, I'm slightly nuts.
aint familiar with this tell me more
Jdid and MB allyuh forget last year I wrote about this? on Nov 1 and 2 we light up graves but more commonly on the 2nd. We call it Jumbie Leggo day and the cemeteries come alive with lots of people lighting up graves,children sending up flares etc. You will find food being sold at the roadside etc because it usually attracts a lot of people
my bad just checked the last years post
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