Sunday, November 18, 2007


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The nights are getting cooler

The days are getting shorter

The odd Christmas barrel is being transported to homes

Stores are tempting us with tales of bargains

Banks are enticing us with Christmas loans

Road workers are beautifying the neighbourhoods

Christmas carols and songs are getting airplay

Most importantly though

I see nuff peas on my neighbour's trees

Christmas is mi favourite holy-day (holiday). Enjoy de season, Kami, an' yu neighbour's peas!
Kami, man wunna kinda late,:-)) dem things been happening bout hey since last month. I think soon form now we gine see Christmas sales in august..
pick ah 1/2 lb ah dem fresh peas fuh muh.
the peas is new to me...Exshplain...

I am feenin for some good holiday fruit cake...
Green peas is the best explanation I can give. You must have had them in the tin CP.
We had our first official snow-fall today. Nothing says "Christmas is here!" like some white stuff on the ground :)
*note to Kami's neighbours and tell them to post security on the peas cuz somebody watching them...*
hey girl kami, hope you're fine. nice thought about Christmas, just don't eat too much chocolate! wondering whether i can send you a box from Barbados...:) Z.
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