Monday, November 05, 2007


Fireworks night

Later tonight we will know which party in Trinidad exploded and which one fizzled out like some the rockets, starlights etc that are part of celebrating Guy Fawkes night.

During the Jamaican elections I noted the clever use of the web to promote party views. This time around I've been enjoying the not so secret blogs/spoofs of Panday and Manning. I almost can't wait to see what will happen when the next Vincy election takes place. One thing for sure is campaigning as we know it is fast changing.

Like one party in Trindad, I will be celebrating the passing of Guy Fawkes night. Yesss! no more annoying bamboo joints exploding all hours of the day and night. No doubt they are preferable to the occasional gunshots but that's not enough to gain them a free pass. In the distance I can hear "pop...pop" but soon it will all be over.

In J.A. it's as if Guy Fawkes never existed (guess our real motto is "informa fe dead":) -- so JA (which luvs every excuse 4 a celebration) missed out on that opp'ty 2 celebrate.
boy manning blog is jokes. i especially liked the one about sizzla kolanji.
I need to read more of Manning's blog. For a politician, he has a great sense of humour. Guy Fawkes Day. Not familiar with it.
Never heard of Guy Fawkes Day at all!
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