Thursday, November 22, 2007


Curiouser and Curiouser

Last night I did a post on Thanksgiving but it seems to have vanished into thin air.

Anyway, I was saying that many times we focus on what is wrong in our lives and fail to see what is right. So for my version of Thanksgiving am saying;

Thanks for the rough waves on the sea of my life. They have helped me to appreciate the smooth.

Thanks for friends who encourage and love

Thanks for family that support

Thanks for the job that pays the bills

Thanks for the little things we take for granted like being able to walk, talk, see the sun rise and set

Thanks for good health..well not so good in my case but it could have been worse

Am grateful that I was born and raised in the Caribbean-won't have wanted it any other way.

Kami, that's a very poetic prayer of thanks. Amen. 2 often I've mentally revisited de rough waves (esp re mother); gotta let that be, an' only give thanks for de blessin' of de present -- wha' they say, "Present is a gift." Happy Thanksgiving. Am also grateful for de Caribbean -- without mi beloved WIndies, I'd be lost. (BTW, Jdid's back.)
Amen... I love your post.

Short, Sweet, and to the point!
Amen... I love your post.

Short, Sweet, and to the point!
You are so right, we indeed have a lot to be thankful for. Even the rough times as they make the good times so much better!
i am thankful for being a hardcore and still got blessings.
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