Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Work hazards

Picture this: You are in a classroom when a six year old announces he hates you and next thing you know is you are short of breath. Then you realise the child has head butted you right in the stomach.

Fast forward, your stomach begins to cramp and horror of horrors you begin to bleed. Much later and there is the visit to the doctor, the tests to be conducted and a big medical bill staring at you.

Then, you hear the child's parent is below the poverty line and frankly you couldn't care less. Surely,some entity(the parent,school.Min of Education etc) other than the person affected is responsible for the bills,right?

And you wonder about the rage in a six yr old that would drive him to such behaviour. You wonder if at six he has seen so much pain that lashing out is his only resort. Sadly,you know the system is such that there is little or no help available to him.

occupational hazzard? education system should insure teachers or something I think.
Interesting. Still poverty is no excuse. There have been far too many people who rose out of poverty for that to be a valid excuse.
No,the poverty relates to the parent being unable to pay the med bills
How horrible, ah can't even fathom that from a 6-y-o child. Parents dem need counselin' too.
The fruits of the evils of modern society. They live what they learn and act it out without remorse. Chances are that's what he sees at home regularly. So sad.
Government ie the ministry o fEducation should pay your medical bills, it happened on the job. The child parent should also stand accountable for his actions. Proverty has no bearings in this situation.
I hope you gave the yute a beating afterward! Thats what the child needs! In liberal doses too! And if the parents complain, you need to put on a beating on them too! 'Bout headbutt!
I think teachers need to be wearing body armour there days the way things are going!

The children today are exposed to so many negative things at a young age without any proper guidance. This can only lead to a more violent society.
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