Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Robber gone mad

I didn't make this up,ok?. A would be robber found his victim short of the cash he demanded. Instead, the victim or almost victim offered the robber his ATM card,an offer which the robber refused. Mr robber does the unimaginable and offers the victim his cell number so that he could call him when he has procured the money.

Later the same night,the man calls the number and gets the location of the would be robber. As you can imagine instead of Santa Claus it was the cops who turned up bearing their special gifts. Our not too bright robber is now a five year guest at Her Majesty's Prisons. I think he real lucky not to get an additional five years for his lack of smarts but maybe the judge was too busy laughing. I sure was when I read it in one the weekend papers.

I've been a lil busy but promise to catch up with the blogs soon.

He wanted to get caught. He musta missed his pals in de big house.
OMG, how sad is that...
ha ha ha haha desperate times calls for desperate measures
now he should be nominated for my Bamma of the week award
What. an. ass.
Is it wrong that I feel a little bit sorry for this brainless wonder??? Sorry that he IS so brainless, I mean...
Nooooo...seriously there is someone that dumb??
How you so lie? I doh believe dat one!

Actually, I do, but I wanted to post a different comment from everyone else.
this is why not-so-smart people really need to think over their professional options.. obviously, robbing was a bit out of his league
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