Saturday, October 20, 2007


RIP Lucky Dube

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I rode a minibus into Kingstown this morning and the radio was blasting tributes to Lucky Dube. Many of the passengers on the van were singing along in a way that was almost spiritual. Mixed with the singing was murmurs of regret that one so gifted was taken away from them. I couldn't help being moved by the genuine outpourings of grief coming from people who only knew him by his music. However, that's the sorta emotion that comes out when some one you identify with dies. It's even more poignant when the person is young and the death is sudden. However, I still can't escape the irony of how much he sounded like Peter Tosh and that both died by the gun.

Am just now aware of this (just checked e-news after clickin' on Ur blog). Sad that one so positive in his music was taken away in such a 'negative' manner: somebody tried to steal his car. Futility.
I heard about his killing when I came to work, then I saw it on the news. It is sad though that he was killed.
It was truly sad. I'm even more saddened by the fact that his talent was never truly recognized when he was alive.
Incredibly sad. I love his music. I live in Maryland and I heard about his death on Friday. I couldn't believe it. His music was love. "Still licking wounds"
another sensless killing...I heard about it since Friday. The funny thing is that I didn't realize that he was from S. Africa. There was a report this morning that the policehave 5 people in custody relating to his death. Good!! and to think that he probably died in his sons hands
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