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Just when I thought I had heard it all something pops up to further astound me. The latest thing is news that the petroglyphs (rock carvings done by the Caribs) situated in Argyle will be destroyed to accomodate the International airport.

Many times I have longed for an international airport especially when waiting for a connecting flight home. Still,am saddened that we are paying so high a cultural price for it.

Back in High school we were made aware that St Vincent is the only caribbean country in which petroglyphs can be found. You are excused for thinking that for that reason alone we would be hell bent on preserving them. I myself, made the same mistake of thinking that any country would love to preserve a vital part of its history. Making replicas and housing them elsewhere as suggested is nonsense.

I wonder what next we will lose in the name of development. Hopefully, the other petroglyphs won't be sacrificed but one never knows.

Can we get pictures of the petroglyphs please?
So there's absolutely no other possible location for the airport. OK. People don't demonstrate -- OK, I guess.
is it at all possible to move them somehow intact?
how ya been sista
How sad, to hear of the destruction of history. All Caribbean islands are paying heavy prices for progress. Can thye build the airport and still accomdate the petroglyphs?
Oh my gosh, that seems so wrong! Can't they build the airport somewhere else? Why does it have to go exactly there? I really don't think they should destroy something like that... way too cultural and historic.
That is indeed sad, maybe people need to make a petition to stop that plan.
That's awful! I can understand the need to make a buck but c'mon! Isn't your national heritage worth more than that?
I have a photo of one in my hand. Trying to find out more info, found the airport wants to tear them away.
Any chance they can be moved ? No idea how large they are...
Coline, in Canada
maybe the government just dont care about it. we should protest about it!
The Buccement Bay Resort should invest in moving them and giving them a new home by the site of the cave engravings they build that hotel in front of. Make a kind of mini park of petroglyphs Only if they were open to viewing by the public and not "just" their patrons.
Just a thought
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