Monday, October 08, 2007


Help needed

More and more these reality shows are becoming so predictable. Last night I watched the Rock of Love reunion and surprise,surprise, Brett Michaels and Jess didn't hit it off. Everytime it happens I suck my teeth and grumble about VH1 insulting our intelligence. Yet, when season two is announced am right there like some coke addict....sigh. So,here I go again with I love New York 2..somebody please shoot me!

On another note the Rising stars judges are being to irritate me. Now that the competition has begun in earnest am finding the critiques to be shallow. A little more constructive criticism on matters like pitch, voice control etc are needed as well as acknowledging what the contestants got right. I want to hear more than "you sound good", arrite?

It's early days yet but the Dominicans look like the ones to beat. C'mon Vincies,up your game :)

That's because there are too many reality shows on TV. After a while, they start to look alike.
CSI and Law and Order. Can't bother with the VH1 and the MTV shows at all.
TV? What's that again? :)
watching the reality shows on BET, VH1 and MTV are an insult to us as a African people...they are so shallow...I don't even waste my time wiht them not to mention de other lack luster wuns on network TV all except for The Amazing Race.
I second what Campfyah said. Exploitation Television...

Oh no, put down to remote and step away from the TV... I Love New York 2!!! How could you?!?!?

That show is utter nonsense... but I was made to watch some of the 1st episode, my son can't seem to get enough of it and (ugh, i'm going to thow up) Sister Paterson!! That woman looks like a drag queen... a very ulgy drag queen!

campfyah I agree with you 100%.
Rock of Love was sorta interesting, wunnit?
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