Sunday, October 14, 2007


Eediat thing

The Minister of the Public service goes into the National Commercial Bank,jumps the line because he would be late for Parliament and expects to be served. The teller reminds him that he has to join the line and he retorts "do you know who I am?" The teller sticks to his guns and repeats he has to go in line. The irate Minister tells the bank management that he doesn't want to see said teller again on front line. Management obliges and teller is transferred to an out-district branch.

The same minister is driving to Kingstown when he comes upon a situation where traffic is being diverted. He then asks for permission to drive on the main road and was ignored. Minister disobeys the order and continues driving. Amazingly,the Minister uses the opening of Public Service week to cite these examples as poor service being offered by public officers.

Never mind that he showed a lack of respect for the policeman,never mind that a simple request for help directed to a supervisor at the bank would have gotten him the help. No,it's the fault of the officers for being highhanded. What a thing!

Then came the apologies,no doubt pushed by the PM who thankfully,pointed out that on both occasions the minister was wrong. Will the teller be returned to his former station? Will politicians wise up and realise they are servants of the people?

I can see the minister doing that since those politicians always want to show who boss but then to come back and use them as examples he could only be stupid to not know how bad those examples make him look
He's got an over-inflated sense of self-importance, eh. That consequential type usually burns out fast tho -- just give him likkle time.
Typical of th eWest Indian same people dat does come begging fuh yuh vote later on
Typical politicians with their over-inflated egos. Nothing humbles them quite like being voted out.
I hate it when people in prominent positions behave like that, as if they are more important than everyone else. Nothing pisses me off more than that statement "Do you know who I am?" damn it!
Another one that should probably be dead and buried. Damn feisty. "do you know who i am".. a nigga trying to cut in line. go round back or leave the bank.
Him want two sharp box! I hope he loses his seat next election!
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