Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Cali burning

Every year, there are warnings on the radio about starting brush or bush fires. Am still not sure if they start spontaneously or people light them for kicks. Anyway, after watching the fires that are consuming California I can tell you I have more than a healthy respect for those fires.

Can't help thinking that must be how hell looks or close enough. Actually, some the scenes are reminiscent of volcanic lava that I saw from Montserrat's volcano. Seriously though, I shudder to think what would happen if some of our fires got out of control. Maybe, we would start to see hurricanes as just a little rain assuming we survive.

Stay safe.. Cali J, stay safe.

U just found de silver linin' behind hurricanes -- Ivan or Dean could prob'ly help Cali right now. (Yeah, Aaron should stay safe)
yea those wildfires are no joke
saw some pics of houses burning. at least the hurricane winds just blew the roofs off in barrouallie. put them back on and lets live. houses burned to cinders in cali? whole neighborhoods gone?... and why am i having this reaction when i didn't for katrina?

abeni, i'm a vincy writer on a mission. started putting some ideas on http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=bygINCpresents. it's about my first few years as 9 yr old immigrnat in "The States." if you have a few minutes, would love to get your take on the offerings. if you like, tell your friends.

publishers only wants folks who can bring an audience. that's why tyler perry's got hollywood wrapped around his fingers. he can fill seats. i need people to bring. i have the voice and a story to tell. listen, let me know.

The fires are distressing to watch. I can actually feel it for the families. Seems some of them are arsons and the winds at least have toned down a notch to give them a chance to out them.
After all that talk of brush fires, hurricanes don't seem so bad. Better to die drowning than aflame! Hope CaliJ is ok.
I can't imagine losing everything like that....wish them all well.
It's definitely times I like this I don't miss living in Cali, but I do I miss it everyday! :-
Sorry for being late on this, just got my regular laptop back. Thank you all for the good wishes! Thanks Kami!
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