Saturday, October 27, 2007


28 Reasons to love SVG

Photo Sharing and V ideo Hosting at Photobucket1.Blackfish crisps

2. Breadfruit and saltfish

3. Madongo bakes

4. The greenness of the island

5. The smallness which is a curse and a blessing

6. The Grenadines are breathtaking

7. Nine Mornings

8. Community singing outside NCB

9. Vincy Mas

10.Vincy Music

11.Lighting up graves on Nov 2nd

12. Tri Tri cakes

13. steamed tri tri

14. Montreal and Botanic gardens

15. River cooks

16. Black sand beaches

17. An abundance of fruits

18. The main hospital is near the cemetery

19. The jail is behind the courthouse

20. The madhouse is a stone throw away from the Community College

21. Sunset Strong Rum

22. Gonsalves Black wine

23. Red Ju-C

24. La Soufriere volcano towering above us

25.Falls of Baleine

26.Trinity Falls

27.Annual Blues Fest

28. Still a friendly people

Happy 28th Independence!

Happy 28th independence! Wow, there's an NCB over there?
Happy 28 Independence! Seems I need to visit Vinci, if only I would have a tour guide. Oh where would I find one...;)
happy independence and great idea i may have to steal it come barbados independence day
NCB=National Commercial Bank.Same thing there?
Logistics -- madhouse near college:) Breadfruit & saltfish mi know, but not tri-tri or madongo. Happy 28th!
Yeah Mel,the planners no doubt had a sense of humor:)

Madongo is arrowroot starch..what we call the last stage of the starch..can't tell you the exact procedure but the bakes are divine

Tri tri are tiny.....microscopic almost fish caught at the river mouth that we make cakes with.
Happy Anniversary....
I luv #18-21
I guess Tri tri is a kind of fish.
Black sand beaches...huummmm must see that for myself one day.
God, I miss crips. trying to get home for xmas. the wife adn son have neevr been there. flights outta the US are $1000 a piece these days. anybody seen anything better?
hiya Abeni.. long time. Happy Independence!! :) I think I need to visit SVG sometime soon...
Am printing and posting the list on my wall!
number one reason to love SVG... Kamika!!
its been a long time since i come on here.... i have to say i have not paid attention to 18-21... that is so funny.... stay kool
I'm with! :)

Number one should definitely be Kamika.

Anyway, NCB does equal National Commercial Bank in Jamaica too. Also here in Cayman, though the NCB here is part of the Jamaican bank, and its sort've small. I don't believe they do commercial banking activities, am not sure what they really do over here, except remittances back to Jamaica...

I too like the idea. I would steal it too, except I will let a Yardie who lives in Jamaica write about Jamaica's Independence in future. I would write about Cayman's independence except they aren't independent.

I do think we have a few black sand beaches in Jamaica, can't say I was really fond of them.

What are "Nine Mornings" and "red Ju-C"?
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