Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Three years and counting

Jdid reminded me that my blogversary was approaching but by the time I got the nudge it had already passed. So,here am I three years later still scribbling my thoughts for my cyber audience.

When I started I didn't quite know what shape the blog was going to take. All I knew was my two of my friends announced that they had blogs and I thought it would be pretty cool to have one as well.As it stands now the blog is mainly commentaries since I have never been one to live out loud. I guess for some it translates into a boring little spot.

Be that as it may I still don't think am a good writer. Am still in awe of the brilliant writers out there who are blessed with the gift of storytelling. Occasionally,I write something that makes me pause and say "well done,you conveyed what you wanted to say The Stacy Wilson story is one such entry. Moments like those are why I continue this blogging adventure.

well happy blogversary!

three years is a long time so you must be doing something right to still be blogging and getting people to visit the site. keep up the good work.
Happy Blogversary 'beni!! You are a fantastic writer with a penchant for clear and concise details.No one else could have provided a more detailed, classy breakdown of the Flava of Love, as you did.

***Cyber champagne and confetti** tossed in your general direction.
"You are a fantastic writer with a penchant for clear and concise details"

Afro,that's high praise coming from you girl:)
3 years! well done, Happy Anniversary.
Congratulations & Celebrations....3 years is a major feat....I for one, Love your blog...its the perfect harmony of news, love stories and positive thoughts...
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