Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Results time

It's that time of the year when students get the results of their external exams. Apparently,the CAPE results showed significant improvement over the preceding years. I haven't heard the statisics for the CXC examinations but some students that I know had excellent results.

Once upon a time graduating High School(successfully) meant you were bound to land a good job. Good in this instance would translate to jobs that were coveted like in the banking sector etc. Persons who didn't even have the opportunity to attend secondary schools still had more chances of being gainfully employed.

Nowadays,the CXC's,GCE's,CAPE etc are just the basic requirement needed for a job.So if you want advancement the road has to lead in the direction of tertiary education. In other words still there is still some way to the finish line.

Interesting...here in Toronto I feel like a BA is like a high school certificate now...every one seems to have it...

Not sure how much education prepares you for the real world these days..
Yeah, Kami, more and more, tertiary education is a must! Gone are the days when you leave high school and get a job immediately, gain experience and climb to a high position in the organisation. Tertiary education and even post graduate education is becoming the order of the day!
such is life in small islands like ours...not even tertiary education is a guarantee for furture job placement anymore. The stakes are higher as the jobs are limited
Same thing with degrees. They're worth little more than tissue paper nowadays. Looks like Dean didn't hit your neck of the woods.
Wow I have a BA...I guess I don't measure up.
If I didn't go to university I wouldn't have been prepared for MY real world...and it's an intense one, trust me!
soon you'll need to have at minimum a masters to compete.

by the way i'm still not completely familiar with CAPE. it is the caribbean equivalent of the A level or is it a step below. I'm asking cause I saw that folks were doing like 5 and 6 CAPE certificates and if that was GCE A levels that would require a ridiculous amount of study and work.
CAPE is an A level exam Jdid.Haven't heard the 5 and 6 as yet but it's not surprising. Students seem more and more inclined to push the envelope
I did A levels... and lets just say I didn't do too well - Lmao..
I remember those days, the fretting, the nerves..
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