Monday, August 27, 2007


Moody Nature

Today was one of those picture perfect days.The sun was out in all its glory and gone were the drab,rainy days of the past couple weeks. To prove our fickleness we grumbled that the sun was way too hot but such is human nature.

Nature is also quite the fickle lady.The passage of Hurricane Dean was a deadly reminder of her fickleness as well as a reminder as to how vulnerable our economies are. Friday, I drove through the Marriaqua Valley/aka the nation's bread basket and thought had Dean hit us I would have been seeing millons of dollars in destruction.

It's quite sobering but the reality is most of us are quite complacent about the danger of hurricanes. No doubt if we had the experience of our Windward Island neighbours we would not be so blase about our invincibility. Hopefully, Dean would be the Caribbean's only windy visitor for the rest of the season and I daresay for a couple more years. Some dreams are real sweet,not true?

It's human nature. We are complacent in our dominion over the Earth. Don't celebrate yet. The hurricane season isn't over.
Not celebrating at all.More like hoping the rest of the season is calm
'Beni, Dean has reduced me to such a state of psuedo depession, that has led me to believe that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after Ivan. When he threatened, all of the tsunami stories and Katrina stories wrapped up into one, and I was a basket case. These weather events and the wonders of Mother Nature are things that I will never again take for granted.
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