Sunday, August 05, 2007


LIAT strikes back

In some alternate world the company LIAT has acquired a life of its own.By that I mean a life similar to a human's capble of plotting revenge and smiling evilly.

How else can I explain why there are no available flights causing me to be unable to be in Trinidad for Aug 8th. I don't want to hear I waited too long to book or that lately Trinidad seems to be a major connecting point for persons heading to New York.

Nah,somehow LIAT has gotten wind that I have been heavily criticising them and were determined to exact a little revenge of their own.So,they gleefully grabbed the opprtunity to ground me until I repent and beg forgiveness for my bad mouthing ways.

Having learnt my lesson am busily concentrating on sending good thoughts to my wonderful carrier. In times like these I really wish we in SVG had at least an alternate carrier.Monopolies really really suck.

LOL! Airline taking revenge nuh! That's how it is with monopolies you can't win.
LIAT biggies been reading yuh blog
hope you get a flight
There, there...take some ease from the fact that is not you alone Liat is torturing.
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