Friday, August 10, 2007


Let there be light

No,VINLEC (ST Vincent Electricity Services) yuh can't strike next Wednesday. Ah begging you the striking ones to try and patch up your differences with the relevant authorities. If 210 of allyuh leave the job on Wednesday it real obvious that 79 can't run the company at all.

Am a woman who doh like too much darkness so right now I not too happy at all. How yuh expect me to lose communication with all my friends eh? Now, I won't be able to charge up the little Digi phone and horrors of horrors I won't be able to log on to the Net. Vinlec, yuh have any idea how much cruel and unusual punishment that is? Yuh don't seem to understand I have an audience waiting on me out here in cyberspace or wuh?

Ah don't even want to talk bout the trauma of losing the television. Vinlec, ah have to turn it on everyday,ok? And when I turn it on I want to see familiar faces. Ah really can't be missing Horatio and dem fuh even a day.

And yuh really expect me to wash on my hands? Yuh see how dem hands here soft and nice? Well,ah aim to keep dem so arrite. And Vinlec,ah know yuh must be aware of how we Vincies killing one another like if is open season. Still,yuh want to spread darkness over the land so that we go kill even more? Look yesterday is whole three man get gunned down.Ah telling yuh more blood go flow if this ting ent resolve.

Ah getting more vex the more I write.Ah know yuh gon think is selfish I selfish but when all the things im mi freezer spoil ah doh think yuh gon care. Is not that ah doh want y'all bizniz sorted out but tekking way the light ent cutting it for me. So allyuh try wuk it out,please.

start defrosting from now and cook off evating by sunday then go and stock up on sardines and pilchards

ya faget ta mention that if tv nuh show and internet nuh work and cell phone cant work people have to resort to other nighttime activities and ya know wha duz happen when dem tings so going on. yep nine months later ya wash way wid dirty diapers. :-)
Hey, Abeni!

(Feel free to delete this comment as it does not pertain to your original post. I couldn't find your email, so I decided to leave a comment.)

My name is Lucy Dee and I'm a black female standup comedienne in NYC.

I caught wind of your comment via another blogger's post.

Based on your worldly response, I figured you might be interested in my most recent post on Metabigotry in comedy.

I'm trying to "get the word out," and I decided to drop you a line.
Perhaps, you would be interested in stopping by my spot and giving your opinion?

Thank you again, and thanks for being such an open-minded citizen.

My blog:
The Quest For Comedic Stardom

lol....its time for some candle light luvin....
Oh lawd! We all know how inconvenient it is when di light gone! Well, hope everything gets back to normal, don't want yuh food to spoil. If all fails as Jdid said, cook off di food, den yuh can do what Cankyputz said ad have a likkle candle light dinner and luvin.
Cranky and Stunner, I should be so lucky:)
Kami, how come you never addressed your comments to the evilous wicked and dastardly management team at Vinlec/ govt., or whoever else you call authorities who have undoubtedly been oppressing your and my brothers and sisters who work hard to keep the electricity being generated for you Vincentians? I guess they have more control / access to the media so you see your /my brothers and sisters as the problem. Think on that for a bit. :)
Lawd, mi gut! Kuh least yu may save a likkel bit of money, an should have a lighter electric bill come next month!Take it back to the grass roots. You are such a Diva.
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